COP Scoring Remarks in IFS Magazine

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COP Scoring Remarks in IFS Magazine

Post by kittykins » Fri Apr 12, 2019 10:30 pm

I got the April edition of IFS magazine a couple of days ago and there was an article in there where Elvis was dissing the Code of Points. I have to admit I was rather disappointed in the remarks made. I guess I remembered that he felt that way but didn't realize that he was still holding onto it, when the newer scoring system has been so successful. :roll: I thought he was coaching??!! I think he was, but it seems he's dropped it because it was too complicated and he'd have to take courses to coach. I see his points on a couple of things in that whenever there is a change you lose something. Okay the 6.0 added interest and excitement, but what did it mean?? No one is perfect program is perfect..there's always something you could do better. I never liked the Ordinal system because I saw too many skaters not getting credit for many elements and transitions, and others being unfairly rewarded. Brian Orser would be the perfect example in my mind of someone that was cheated by the old system. It was too subjective and I like the newer system so much better, finding it more objective. I know some people think skaters all look the same but is this true?! Sure it's complicated, but the sport itself is complicated. At least if skaters do an element, they will know it will be identified and they will be graded on it, and it won't just be for nothing. I know for me I hardly ever feel the wrong person won. Has anyone else read the interview in question? Thoughts...agreements or disagreements? I just couldn't believe after so many years he's still yakking about it...this coming from an Elvis fan! :lol:

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Re: COP Scoring Remarks in IFS Magazine

Post by Judy » Wed Apr 17, 2019 11:54 am

I haven't read the article but know that Elvis, under the old system, paid a huge penalty. Think it was the 1996 Worlds in Edmonton that he fell in the short and put himself out of the medals. In those days the ordinal system and some inherent judging bias put you out of the medals if you finished below 5th in the short.

In 1995, in Birmingham, I remember he fell (two hands down but not on his bum) on the quad toe. He was given a 6 for technical merit by one judge. There was much discussion and some anger in the stands. How could he be given a 6 when he fell? The answer was that that judge had run out of room and had to give him a six in order to place him first.

I think a lot of the originality has been lost, especially in singles, along with that some of the excitement, and for me, interest.
Code of Points has certainly taken the sport in a new direction. It is a lot more difficult!

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