A good deed for our times.

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A good deed for our times.

Post by fred » Wed Dec 12, 2018 8:38 am

A strong critical press is one ofthe cornerstones of democracy. Investigative journalism is supposed to expose any crimes of a government and thus allow the voters to deal with it, as well as arrests to be made if necessary.
Today the press is all too often serving certain crooks in politics and protections for journalists who publish evidence of wrongdoing. Julian Assange is a very good example of how badly a journalist can expect to be treated. He has been confined to one room in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London for over 6 years now. No exercise, no sun, no health care and he has also been cut off from his lawyers. The constant threat of arrest and rendition to the U.S. to be tortured and not given a trial, certainly not a fair trial, is what keeps him from walking away freely. He has never broken any laws, and his publications revealed massive crimes of some very powerful people. The United Nations has passed 2 rulings that his human rights are being violated, and the government of Britain has ignored these. The change in government of Ecuador has brought a new leader who is friendly with the U.S. and they are trying to make Julian's life as painful as possible, while they cannot legally refuse him sanctuary. It's a very difficult situation for him.

Many of us are trying to show our support for Mr. Assange, and the latest effort is to send greeting cards to him at the Embassy. The address is;

Mr. Julian Assange,
Flat 3b,
3 Hans Cresent,
London, SW1X OLS,
United Kingdom.

If enough people send cards, it will show the government of Ecuador, Britain, and the U.S. that this is not happening without people knowing what goes on here. Please show your support.

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