Two more pairs have split up...

This is where we discuss figure skating and skating related items. How did you favourite skaters perform, and so on? However we never speculate on the private lives of skaters, like who might be going out with whom, because that is poison and is not tolerated here. A good guideline is that if it's not publicly announced, in the papers etc. then it's probably best to leave it alone. Is it a gray area? Then write to me and ask.
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Two more pairs have split up...

Post by Elizabeth » Thu Sep 13, 2018 9:28 am

Fewer and fewer pairs are competing these days, as you may have noticed. Two more pairs who have been competing for several years together at the international level have now called it quits.

There is news out of China that Xiaoyu Yu (aged 22) & Hao Zhang (aged at least 34) are no longer partners and that she is currently skating as a single while awaiting another partner. You might remember that she was previously partnered with Yang Jin until the Chinese coaches/federation did a "switch-up", partnering Cheng Peng, Hao Zhang's previous partner, with Yang Jin. Hao Zhang's earlier partner was Dan Zhang with whom he won silver at the 2006 Olympics.

Meanwhile, in Italy, Valentina Marchei and Ondrej Hotarek, who were 6th at the 2018 Olympics and who had previously said that they would not compete this season, have now announced the dissolution of their partnership. She hopes to continue competing to 2022 (when she will be 36). Ondrej is married to ice dancer Anna Cappellini and is 34 years old.

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