Tessa & Scott - "Thank You Ilderton"

This is where we discuss figure skating and skating related items. How did you favourite skaters perform, and so on? However we never speculate on the private lives of skaters, like who might be going out with whom, because that is poison and is not tolerated here. A good guideline is that if it's not publicly announced, in the papers etc. then it's probably best to leave it alone. Is it a gray area? Then write to me and ask.
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Tessa & Scott - "Thank You Ilderton"

Post by Elizabeth » Thu Jul 05, 2018 10:55 am

From Scott on Twitter:
We are thrilled to be putting on “Thank You Ilderton” next month, a community-spirited day filled with family, friends and LOTS of fun. So, thank YOU Ilderton, for all your support over the years. It’s time Tessa and I celebrate YOU.

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Re: Tessa & Scott - "Thank You Ilderton"

Post by kittykins » Thu Jul 05, 2018 11:42 am

Great!! It's so important for famous people to remember their roots and the people who got them where they are today! It says something positive about Scott & Tessa. Our famous violinist here is also very good about that. He won nationals this year, but he never forgets the community here. I'm going to a concert next week, whoohoo.

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