Prince Philip

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Prince Philip

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I know we are not all royal family enthusiasts on here, but did others watch the funeral of Prince Philip? I was sad to see the Queen sitting alone. I'm sorry he could not live about 8 weeks more to live to be 100, but the Chinese count the gestation period and he has been on this earth for that long anyway! Those 1921-2021 numbers are pretty impressive. He certainly lived a difficult and complicated life, especially when he was younger. I'm sure his interesting personality is in many ways related to that. I have been interested to read that his mother was deaf and was a lipreader in more than one language. She had serious mental illness issues and later became a nun after she recovered. I thought the PBS special about his life was the best and I'd like to re-watch it. I am sorry that the Queen is without her prince whom she fell in love with at 14!

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Re: Prince Philip

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I bought cake and had a private little party in celebration. :D :D :lol:
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